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Our Vision

Aberdeen City and Shire ……………… to the sea!


Sailing and boating are exciting and fulfilling activities for all ages.  Everyone can enjoy the thrill and excitement, as well as the sense of freedom, achievement and contentment that ‘messing about in boats’ brings.   

Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust has been established to bring sailing and boating to everyone in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, young and not so young.   There are no barriers to participation - just curiosity and an interest in taking part.


Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust is a charitable trust based on many years of experience in introducing hundreds of Aberdeenshire people from all walks of life to the sheer joy involved.  The Trust is run by highly qualified and nationally recognised instructors, and offers a wide range of courses and experiences from tasters and beginners through to expert, in sailing, power-boating and in related areas such as First Aid and VHF radio qualifications.  

 The north-east has a rich history and heritage with the sea and Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust can help you to become part of its future.  To learn more about how you or your group might get involved and benefit, please contact us. 


Our Purposes

The advancement of public participation in the sport of sailing by means of training and development.
The organisation of sail training and development activities for people of all ages and abilities, and from all backgrounds with the object of improving their conditions of life and opportunities.
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Environmental Policy

Aberdeenshire Sailing Trust is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment. This Policy Statement sets out how we will work towards achieving our environmental objectives.


Our Objectives:


  • Be honest about what we are doing
  • Work going forward in an examined way, to consider the environment in everything we do
  • To reduce our impact and our CO2 emissions.
  • To encourage participants to help us in these aims by their choices.


  • We will minimise the use of electricity in all of our activities. For example; turning off lights, replacing old light bulbs with energy efficient models.


  • We will minimise the use of water in all of our activities. For example; fitting hoses with automatic trigger nozzles and turning off taps when not in use.


  • We will minimise the creation of waste. For example; we will only print and photocopy if absolutely essential. 


  • Where possible, we will use email rather than printed materials to communicate and promote our activities.


  • We will recycle as much waste as possible by providing adequate clearly labelled bins and increasing our waste and recycling bins and/or collections during busy events.


  •  We will choose products which are recyclable or in recyclable packaging wherever possible.


  • We will choose cleaning products which are less damaging to the environment.


  • We will endeavour to take a sustainable approach to running events. 


  • We will promote relevant local environmental information to our members such as the location of voluntary no anchor zones, sensitive habitats/species.


  • We will publicise our environmental commitment and promote sustainability amongst our members and visitors on our website and club notice boards.


  • We will take the environmental credentials of our suppliers into account when procuring new products. By doing so we wish to encourage other organisations to integrate sustainability into their operations. 


  • We will try to work with our suppliers to encourage them to make products which would fit into a circular economy model.


  • We will encourage our instructors and participants to choose a sustainable form of transport when coming to our venues whenever possible.


  • We will encourage our instructors and participants to move away from bringing packed lunches containing single use plastics, and we will never provide these ourselves.


  • We will measure our progress and review this policy on an annual basis.